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How to Manage a Lifecycle Project creation failure?

pietro marella (953130) | asked Jun 15 '12, 9:20 a.m.
Hello - 
I'm in RQM 3.0 - While creating a brand new Lifecycle Project (say MyProject), RQM failed with a Timeout Exception, in the middle of the create process execution.
I don't know how to proceede now, since when I try to re-create the project again, RQM fails since a project "MyProyect (Requirements)" already exists:

Error Stacktrace: A project area with the name 'MyProject (Requirements)' already exists in '/rm'

I've tried to "archive" it vefore running again the create process,  but still the problem is  there.
Since customer "wants" me to use that specific "name" for the project (because internal naming convention), what should be the steps I have to execute to be able to clean-up the situation, and be able to create the project?

Thanks in advance

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Dennis Schultz (55147) | answered Jun 15 '12, 9:32 a.m.
The Lifecycle Project Administrator will only create the Money that Matters projects with those specific names so if they already exist, it will fail as you have observed.  Even if you archive the projects, the name is still "taken".

You must rename the Lifecycle project and all associated application projects.  You can then choose to archive them if you wish just to hide them away, but that is optional.

pietro marella commented Jun 22 '12, 3:45 a.m.

Thank you Dennis, in fact, I "workaround" the problem this way. Should RQM development consider a "rollback" when such operation fails in the middle of execution? I do not see "normal" that user has to find out how to workaround an application error ...

btw, thanks again

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