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What controls are available for formatting and display of embedded ('Inserted') artifacts?

Andrew Codrington (17733135) | asked Jun 04 '12, 3:56 p.m.
With if I use the 'Insert Artifact' button to embed a Release Collection artifact in a Feature type artifact the result is a box with a paginated view showing only 6 of 19 artifacts included in the collection.

There are Previous and Next buttons to navigate but I'd really just like the full list so we can see everything as we scroll through the artifact.

I tried:
  • hovering around the edges of the box hoping for resize handles to appear
  • digging in Project Admin,
  • digging in Project Properties, 
  • searching help (an obvious sign of desperation... :-) )

Anyone have any hints on how to change the formatting and/or display of embedded artifacts, or a definitive "Can't get there from here"?


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Steve Wood (1162) | answered Jun 04 '12, 5:05 p.m.
Hi Andrew,

At present you cannot change the number of requirements displayed in the embedded collection.  There is a default page size which unfortunately can't be changed, we decided to page the embedded collection contents so that we could efficiently render large collections.  Allowing the user to control this size (or even turn off paging) would probably be a great enhancement - please feel free to raise a request.

Many thanks,
Steven Wood 

RRC client developer
Andrew Codrington selected this answer as the correct answer

Andrew Codrington commented Jun 04 '12, 5:22 p.m.

Thanks for jumping in so quickly Steve. I'll mark that down as a definitive "Can't get there from here, YET" and will open a request. :-)

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