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Problem with import a CSV file with stories and risks

Di Tang (341713) | asked Apr 23 '12, 3:17 a.m.
I'm using RTC and I have exported stories and risks from one Project Area and simply imported those workitems into another Project Area with same CSV file. Then, I found a problem.

For example, story have attribute call "story points" and risk have not, but when I view a workitem that type is risk in Eclipse Client, I found "story points" is listed in customization tab page. I think it means this workitem may have "story points" implicit

Also, when I click "Check attributes usages in repository" and show the affected item, those workitem with attribute that isn't belongs to it will be listed.

I have try to "Synchronize Attributes" in those workitem, but totally no use wtihout any error infomation and those workitem still listed in affected item list.

I really need some help to learn how to fix those workitem and remove those unexpected attribute.

thank you for your kindness!

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Di Tang (341713) | answered Apr 24 '12, 9:49 p.m.
Well, No body can give me a hand... :(

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