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RTC BUG!! Cannot set timespent, or see any plan

Etienne Laverdiere (2666) | asked Mar 19 '12, 8:31 a.m.

(sorry for the duplicate post)

we have been using RTC planning tool for Scrum for some weeks now, and we just had a MAJOR issue. We cannot access any plan, nor set the time remaining of the Estimate/correction for any task. This is becoming to be a major issue, we are a team of 40, and we regret our old excel file.

This is the error we have in the Fat Client Eclipse when we try to access a plan:

- the backlog iteration '/development/1.0/backlog' for the timeline 'development' could not be resolved.

What is the reason of the message? Did we need to create an iteration "/development/1.0/backlog"? Where can we do that?

Thanks for all response.

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