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IsDirty or IsDocDataDirty calls?

Steve Chapman (133) | asked Jan 30 '12, 5:18 a.m.
I am seeing a large number of calls to IPersistFileFormat.IsDirty(..) and/or IVsPersistDocData.IsDocDataDirty(..) which I believe are made by the Jazz Source Control plugin. There is no VS IDE activity at the time, I simply start VS and open a solution that is shared with RTC. A short while later I see a spate of calls (I suspect that these would recurr if I continued to watch)

Can anyone tell me what would be the reason for VS or the RTC plugin to query the dirty state of versioned files?


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Sreerupa Sen (1.0k4) | answered Feb 21 '12, 7:13 a.m.
RTC does not make calls to either unless you have an artifact open in a native editor - a work item, build result or workspace or stream.

I'm wondering if VS makes these calls on shared files to figure out the share status (say unresolved) - though I can't imagine why it would need to look at the dirty bit to do that.

Another possibility is that it calls this method while getting the properties of a shared file. Could you try closing the Properties View and see if this is still happening?


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