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oslc_cm query

Eray ─░zgin (1161423) | asked Nov 29 '11, 7:29 a.m.
I try to add "" property to oslc_cm.query. I run https://server:9443/jazz/oslc/contexts/_ZWxa0P5GEd-Q7uwHpvpK0Q/workitems.xml?oslc_cm.query=dc:identifier=942 query. It works successfully.

How can I add to the query "" property? Is it possible? I want to get the List of relatedWorkitems with criteria?"title info"


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Mike Shkolnik (9657150143) | answered Mar 21 '14, 1:46 p.m.
I hope the 2.5 years of waiting was worth it...


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Andre Carlos Antunes de Oliveira (404) | answered Dec 30 '15, 1:14 p.m.
edited Dec 30 '15, 1:18 p.m.
I could using the "related" property this way:
https://server:9443/jazz/oslc/contexts/project Area Id here/workitems?oslc_cm:query=dc:identifier=number&oslc_cm:properties=dc:identifier,dc:title,
But I can't get the list of relatedWorkitems with criteria. My try gives the status 400 - Bad Request.
I believe that it's not possible.
I liked the answer of Mike to get the list of relatedWorkitems of a given workitem.

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