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Mapping of Columns in a Database table

Walter Mansur (6363017) | asked Nov 16 '11, 7:08 p.m.
Can anyone explain the mapping of the columns in a database table to their particular destination? We are using RTC v2.0.0.2, iFix6 on Windows.

We are using SQL Server 2005. Our RTC database is named "rtc". We can open up the database named rtc and export the tables from it. One table is named "MODEL.WORK_ITEM". This appears to be what RTC Work Items use for their basis. There are a bunch of "Columns" in this table.

Can someone tell me which "Columns" match to which "Fields" in the Work Item? Some are pretty easy to figure out. One is called CREATION_DATE. So, that must "map" to the "Created On:" field in a new Work Item. But there are others that I can't figure out.

Any help with this is appreciated.



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