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Batch to remove one RTC/eclipse while keeping another

Mike Shkolnik (9809161143) | asked Nov 16 '11, 4:34 p.m.
We are currently deploying eclipse with the EXT version of RTC 2.x by merely copying the eclipse folder to the C drive. This is working great. However, some folks want to have two versions of eclipse on their machine - one "production" version that doesn't change and one "test" version that they can wipe and reinstall. This is easily done by renaming the eclipse folder, for example "EclipseProd", and changing the workspace from the default, for example "workspaceProd". I created a batch file for removing both the default eclipse folder and the default workspace. Question is, what other files/folders should I remove for an effective eclipse/RTC wipe of the "test" version without affecting the "prod" version?

This was my original batch. I need to know which lines to remove (or add) to remove the "test" RTC/eclipse while keeping the "prod" RTC/eclipse.

rmdir c:\eclipse /s /q
rmdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\workspace /s /q

rmdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\.eclipse /s /q
rmdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\jazz-scm /s /q
rmdir C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Eclipse /s /q
del C:\Users\%USERNAME%\.jazzcerts

If there is anything else I am missing about running things this way, please let me know. Just to give an example, I am running Ganymede/RTC2ifix5 for "prod" and various eclipse/RTC2ifix7a for test.

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