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Asynchronous Task

Luis Quintela (461812) | asked Oct 26 '11, 4:59 p.m.
I've created an asynchronous task implementing the IPostOutermostTransactionTask interface and I'm calling the task from an operation advisor using ITransactionService.executeTaskAfterCurrentOutermostTransaction.

This is working fine and I noticed that when the number of calls to executeTask increases, RTC spawns new threads. But monitoring the active service, I noticed that at most 5 threads are active at any point in time.

Is this limit configurable?

Also, my task polls an external system to check whether a previous request has completed. If the request has not completed, then it needs to recheck at later point in time. So I don't hold the task, I'd like to re-queue the EObject for later processing by calling executeTask from the transactionSuceeded method. Would that work?


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