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DB issues after running repotools in RTC 3.0.1

Meghana Pandey (15111514) | asked Sep 20 '11, 5:18 a.m.
We had developed some of our custom components with storage models in RTC and were using repotools to add our tables in derby DB. We are in a process of upgrading to RTC 3.0.1 now.
In my local RTC 3.0.1 environment, when I tried repotools-ccm -addTables cmd, I could see following logs:
Adding tables to the database "conf/ccm/derby/repositoryDB".
2011-09-08 16:01:18,606 CRJAZ1441I A new component model for "xyz" was added.

But when I run my jetty launch, I see following errors in the logs, for the same components:

14:50:57,328 WARN ComponentVersionMismatch - CRJAZ1041I The component is installed in the database but is not present in the server:
14:50:57,609 ERROR ComponentNotInstalled - Component has not been installed in the database: xyz

FYI: this is the db.location param value in my jetty launch: ${workspace_loc}/../server/conf/jazz/derby/repositoryDB

Iam I missing some step here? Is there a different command to add my tables ?

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