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RTC User Work Days: work more than 12 hours per day ?

Christophe Lucas (8624243) | asked Sep 16 '11, 5:39 a.m.
In the RTC User editor, Work Environment tab, when you edit the 'Work Day Length', you can enter maximum 12 h !

Is it possible to enter 24 h - to simulate e.g. a non-human resource available 24/7 ?

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Christophe Lucas (8624243) | answered Sep 21 '11, 4:44 a.m.
The maximum 'Workday Length (hours)' that you can enter is actually 12:59 - any higher value results in a 'The value entered is not valid.' error message.
I tried to 'play' with the 'Quitting Time' - e.g. pushing it to 23:59 - but that does not allow to enter more than 12:59 in 'Workday Length (hours)'.

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