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Question on order of work items in Gannt Chart

Michael Walker (99214198157) | asked Aug 18 '11, 7:44 p.m.
We're using the Gantt charts with the Formal template. I understand that Priority is the Ranking item and if that is the same then the ID is used with oldest being first. But we have some other factors (predecessors) that seem to come into play as well.

For example,

One of our team members has Priority:High work item #1 scheduled to start after it's Predecessor completes. But he also has Priority:Med work items #2 - #5 scheduled to start in order after their predecessor completes, which is 3 days after the predecessor for #1 completes.

Work Item #1 starts and the Gantt chart shows he works on that Task for a couple days, then stops and does Work Items #2 - #5 and then comes back to finish Work Item #1. I know this because Work Item #1 is estimated at 40 hours but the chart shows a couple weeks in duration. The math works out where #2 - #5 is done before #1 completes.

This doesn't make sense if #1 is Priority:High and the others are Priority:Med. I would think #1 would go to completiong before #2 - #5 starts.


Another employee has Priority:Med Work Item #1 in progress. It's next scheduled Task is it's successor which is Priority:Med Work Item #2. After that comes Priority: High Work Item #3.

If Priority is the Ranking attribute then I would think #3 would come before #2 because it's a higher priority. Or does the Predecessor/Successor relationship override the Ranking attribute?

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Michael Walker (99214198157) | answered Aug 18 '11, 7:53 p.m.
All the Work Items involved have the default constraint of "As Soon as Possible".

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