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How to get the project area whose process is being edited

Anthony Krowiak (1111612) | asked Jul 14 '11, 2:52 p.m.
I have an aspect editor for editing the custom configuration data for an operation participant. I need to access the project area whose process configuration is being edited by my aspect editor. How do I programmatically get the IProjectArea object for the project currently being edited?

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Anthony Krowiak (1111612) | answered Jul 14 '11, 3:28 p.m.
I accidentally posted this question to another topic and I just noticed a response from Jared. Jared said that the aspect editor could be used for editing the process area as well as the project area and wanted more specific information about what I am trying to do, so here it is:

Our product - SPoRT - bridges work items between RETAIN and RTC. One of our requirements is to provide our customers with a way to configure the system to create and link work items of another type when a RETAIN work item type is created in RTC. For example, our process template defines an APAR work item type. A customer may have a project area that uses the Scrum process and may want to create a defect in that project area when the APAR work item is created. To configure this scenario, we have created a custom schema for configuring the operation participant that gets invoked when a work item in our process is saved.

This configuration schema defines associations between a source work item type in the project area whose process is being edited and a target work item type which can be defined in the same or another project area. Rather than allow the administrator to enter the source work item type and the target project area and work item type, I would like to retrieve the following and display them in a drop-down or other control from which the values can be selected:

* The work item types defined in the project area whose process is being edited.
* The project areas defined in the repository in which the process being edited is defined.
* The work item types defined for each project area.

I might be misunderstanding the nuances of editing a process area - is this the process template? - versus editing a project area's process. The idea here is that a customer will either merge our process into an existing project area - using a tool we provide - or apply our process to a new project area. In any case, the ultimate goal is to provide a way for them to configure our operation participant to create and link associated work item types.

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