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Workitem attribute list???

Roberto Londei (6) | asked Jun 27 '11, 7:02 p.m.
Hello all,

I'm writing an application for iPhone, which connects it to an RTC server and makes the user able to download workitems and show them into a table view list, the application also make the use able to create new workitem and post them to the server, while creating a new workitem i should have a list of workitem properties, like: type,priority,status;

somebody of you knows where is the xml/json file, on the RTC server, containig the list of workitem properties, if exist???

thanks and ciao

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Roberto Londei (6) | answered Jun 29 '11, 4:22 a.m.

i found the xml/json file containing the workitem properties, so it does exist:



but I don't know how to reach it, should be reachble from the rootservices or catalog, somebody of you knows were can it be?


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