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Integration between RTC 3.0 and RTC 2.0

Richard Raszka (111) | asked Jun 06 '11, 11:38 p.m.
Hi all,

Our development team is working with WID 7 that does not support RTC 3 and so they have configured and setup RTC 2 to integrate for Source code control and building. However, the client has been sold RTC 3.0 and what is required is a strategy to integrate between the two RTC versions.

The requirement is that the Client needs to be able to create defects in RTC 3 and have these passed to RTC 2 for the developers to resolve. Once resolved this needs to be reflected back on the Client's RTC. Similarly, when code is built on RTC 2 then this needs to be available on RTC 3 for the client to deploy to their environments.

Also, requirements are performed in RequistePro by the client. Is it possible to have these visible and traceable to components developed across the two RTc versions?

What manual or automated approach can be performed to achieve this effectively.


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