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SCM Encoding

Daniel Mendonça da Silva (1132) | asked May 27 '11, 5:37 p.m.
I'm having trouble on the outcome of the implementation of SCM.
I'm using the RTC 2.0 on a Windows XP (PT-BR).
When you run the following script I get an unexpected result on coding:

SCM compare workspace stream _fn7OsIiREeCALY0iIDq5ag _AvljQCr0EeCvCZznPocj8A cf-fo-I > test.txt

The result is as follows:

Component (1113) "Aplicao"
Component (1116) "Documentao"

And the files or directories that have accents are also having the same problem.

And if I do not put the output to a file in the DOS screen result is correct.
But one must be put on file for this command is executed in an ANT build.

In the ANT script put as follows:

<> exec executable="cmd" <>
<> arg line="/U /C SCM compare workspace stream ${team.scm.workspaceUUID} ${} -I cf -fo" / <>
<> redirector output="${files.changes}" / <>
<> /exec <>

I've tried using chcp but to no avail, because the command does not run properly SCM.
chcp 65001 & & scm ****

Anyone have an idea how to solve?

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