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What is the pratical purpose of the field "Quality Task

diego santos (3611) | asked Mar 24 '11, 9:00 a.m.
I wonder if anyone know the practical application of "Quality Task" field configuration which is in the process, specifically in: Change Management Type Binding.

As for the goal of field Defect I get it, this is the type of Work Item that is created when we set up the communication between RQM and RTC servers ie opened a defect to the RTC from the server RQM: defect -> create defect in "<our projeto in RTC>". The Field "Quality Task" is the type of Work Item to be created on RTC to the tasks of the test team? These Work items would be created from RQM? for today the RQM has its own specific Work Items ... I wonder if anyone know what the practical application from the field: Quality Task and that functionality is already running?

Ps. Currently we are using the RTC 3.0 integrated with RQM iFix 1

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