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Detecting components ready to accept change sets

Chris Novak (2621) | asked Mar 10 '11, 12:42 a.m.
We use RTC 2.0 with Ant and Jazz build engine to do our builds. Our build workspace contains a number of components and for each we go through a compile-deploy-test cycle. The deploy and test are quite costly and we would like to optimize the whole process by doing it only if the underlying source has changed. We use "teamAccept" followed by "teamFetch" Ant tasks to get the source. Unfortunately, "teamAccept" can only provide (via changesAcceptedProperty) a number of all change sets accepted in the entire workspace. We need to get this information on a per component basis.
Also, ideally, we would like to do something less invasive than "accept". My question is: is there some other way (using scm command?) to detect if a component has change sets ready to be accepted into a workspace?


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