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Making a dashboard viewlet out of a jazz client plugin

Jerrod Lankford (211010) | asked Mar 04 '11, 6:37 p.m.
I have a jazz client plug-in which has a UI similar to editing a work item. This plug-in is used to edit fields which are then saved into a custom database model for the plug-in. So for all intensive purposes it functions similar to creating work items. So this leaves me with a few questions. How much work is required to create a dashboard viewlet once I already have the code for an eclipse client plugin? What is the name of the workitems viewlet plugin so that I could potentially import that plugin and look at the code? Are there any dashboard viewlet resources other than the hello world viewlet tutorial? Thanks in advance.

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Dashboards and work items are no longer publicly available, so some links may be invalid. We now provide similar information through other means. Learn more here.