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Trouble getting a client-side process advisor to run

Tamir Klinger (91165) | asked May 01 '08, 3:53 p.m.
I'm trying to test a client-side advisor for the workItemSave operation and am getting an "internal error" indicating that it can't be found. (I've triple-checked the id).

Here's what I've done:

1. I've defined a plugin with an operation advisor MyAdvisor which implements IOperationAdvisor (and currently does nothing).

2. I've defined an extension to for that plugin and set the advisor class (MyAdvisor) and advisor id (myAdvisor). The operation I'm advising is

3. I've launched the server and verified that it is running correctly through the web interface.

4. I've launched an eclipse instance with my client plugin and all target plugins. It runs and I verified that my plugin is there.

5. I modified the project process spec (eclipse way) to reference my plugin by adding the following for the workItemSave operation advisor already there in the behavior section:
<precondition id="myAdvisor" name="My Advisor" />

When I try to create a new workitem it says it can't find any workitem types.

When I try to modify an existing workitem it gives me an internal error and says it can't find "myAdvisor". Again, I've verified that the plugin is there and that the id declared in the extension matches the process.

A colleague said he had a similar issue and resolved it by customizing the team process instead of the project-level process but this didn't help me.

This is all under 0.6Beta2.

Any ideas?


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Tamir Klinger (91165) | answered May 01 '08, 5:13 p.m.
I've gotten it to run as a server-side advisor so I guess workItemSave is as server-side operation.


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