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Using Jazz/RTC to maintain build environment

Brian Gillan (3215230) | asked Apr 11 '08, 8:46 a.m.
Our build environment currently consists mainly of two classes of files,
mostly scripts (shell and Perl) and some compiled executables, and
configuration files/scripts. We store the former in ClearCase/UCM and
use a typical parallel development model to make updates so we have
versioning and control over updates. We use our build process to build
the executables and once this is complete, these as well as all of the
scripts are copied to a staging area for test and eventual deployment.

The configuration files/scripts, are not currently under version
control, they are simply backed up. They are updated very frequently and
we didn't want a complex SCM process to get in the way.

One team member has suggested we use CVS to manage these files since you
can work directly the file-space where we manage these files, check them
out, update them, check them in all in the "live" environment. We'd
rather stick with a single SCM, so we are investigating using ClearCase.
My initial though was to create a ClearCase project and snapshot view on
a single machine where we desire to maintain the configurations files. I
suspect we would still need to use activities to manage the files.

I saw a post about Jazz/RTC scm command line tool and thought this might
give us something a little closer to what CVS provides. If this were the
case, we might consider using Jazz/RTC to manage these files, and
perhaps eventually move our build source from ClearCase into Jazz.

I'm interested in thoughts on how closely Jazz/RTC scm command line
could match the simple usage of CVS.

Thanks, Brian

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