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Exporting User/Workitem from one jazz server to another

megha mittal (15112615) | asked Oct 12 '10, 2:47 a.m.
We are developing connector to import workitem, user with external repository.
We generally recommend user to test connector on some test server before trying on actual production server.
Now the problem is since teams testing connector have huge user and workitem database in external repository (3000 users and some lakhs of workitems) , so we were thinking if its possible for teams to move all users /workitems from test server to production server without rerunning the connector.
It would be import/export of workitems/users from one jazz server to another and would save lot of time since teams have already tested import of connector on test server ,another import to production using connector can be avoided.

Is such feature available in existing RTC?


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