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Looking for advice on import logistics

Scott Chapman (3216447) | asked Sep 29 '10, 1:45 p.m.
I am going to be importing work items from CQ to RTC. Even with the default mapping there is a lot of stuff I need to work through to get what I am looking for.

I have a sandbox where I can work through the issues by importing a small number of work items, and examining the results. So far so good. Most of my changes have just been to the mapping file. But I have also been adding categories, and such.

But now that I have gone through a few iterations of this, I would like to "clean out" all the work items and continue with the iterations.

I don't think I can remove work items. So, what's my next option? Is there an easy way to create a new sandbox based on my existing one (minus existing artifacts)?

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