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User allocation based on time interval than project

Jagadish R Rao (10612111) | asked Sep 20 '10, 12:00 p.m.
Dear All,

I have a scenario where a single person is needed to be allocated to different projects based on the time for a specific assignment, however he is not a full time worker in that project.

The challenge is how do I manage the user availability at timeline and not project .

I have custom charts which query from DB and using BIRT I draw a user availability report, which is used for workload allocation ...but this gives me at project level and is false , as I know in project the user will be 100 % active only for small duration. How do i fix this problem ?

Is it possible to write custom plugin to add additional tab for user to capture the timeline info & store it in DB ?

Any suggestions / advice will be of help.

Thanks & Regards

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