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If I make my own Jazz Web UI, how can I implement it?

Li Jia Jia (5173) | asked Sep 04 '10, 6:26 a.m.
Dear all,
I follow the Jazz Web UI Development book to try to create my own Jazz Web UI.
As the book said, the Jazz Web UI is one plugin project extend some Jazz Web UI extension point. Run the project as OSGi Framework(Eclipse run configuration), and with http://localhost:9080/example/web or else url, I can see the Jazz UI in brower and go on to customize it. I think the Jazz Web UI extension use Jerry as the application server.

But my question is if I finish the Web UI customization, the next step how can I implement it?
I am much puzzle, and who can help me?


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Curtis d'Entremont (1.3k3) | answered Sep 05 '10, 2:54 p.m.
I'm guessing that your confusion is due to the heavy use of Ajax in the framework, and that you were perhaps expecting to write server side code to output HTML like a JSP or Servlet.

The framework requires that you implement a Dojo widget for your Web UI or Web UI contribution. This means you have to use Javascript for creating the UI by manipulating the browser DOM. The framework will generate the HTML page for you, and once loaded, your widget's constructor and postCreate functions will be called, and you can place anything you like under your widget's DOM node, e.g. this.domNode.innerHTML = "Hello, world!". You can also make server requests to call services in order to get information by using XmlHttpRequests (XHRs). I'd suggest reading up on Dojo, XHR, Ajax, and looking at how the various Jazz Web UI pages are implemented as examples.

Did I answer your question?


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Shlomit Shachor (361210) | answered Sep 07 '10, 2:26 p.m.

I need to install an update site in RTC 2002. The plugins also require tables that should be created.

What steps I should follow to have the plugins installed + tables created.

I tried:

I created a provision profile ini file and added the update site.

Then I ran repotools -clean -createTables

Is that sufficient or should I follow additional steps?


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