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changes to ComponentDevelopmentSetup wiki - request for feed

Chris Daly (61651) | asked Feb 27 '08, 6:58 p.m.
Jazz Extenders,

Yesterday I revised the ComponentDevelopmentSetup wiki
( and
added some new instructions on how to setup your environment for Jazz

I describe a setup "Method A" (which is the old instructions with a new
twist for M5) and "Method B" (which tries to avoid a downside of the old
instructions - the TeamConcert being used for development links in
plugins that should only be in the target platform).

While testing these two setup methods here I have seen very flaky
behavior. After completing setup I import some example code and
sometimes get failures to resolve code in plugins like JUnit or SWT
which do not go away after cleaning or even restarting TeamConcert.

I'm starting to think I may have a hardware issue on the machine I'm
using to test this. But it's also possible that the setup steps will
not work consistently with M5 for some obscure reason. It would help to
have more data points, so if/when you have a chance to try either of the
two methods, please report your experience back here or on workitem
which is linked from the wiki topic.


Chris Daly
Jazz Component Development Team

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