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"Failed to get schema name for packageUri" error

Toby Corbin (81126) | asked Feb 19 '08, 7:07 a.m.
My jazz installation has stopped connecting to the db2 database with a "Failed to get schema name for packageUri". Looking in the stderr.log file I see the following

INFO: Server startup in 3922 ms
11:29:07,125 INFO uration.OverridablePropertyFileServerConfiguration - Loading configuration from file:///c:/jazz/server/
11:29:08,265 INFO .repository.service.internal.rdb.ConnectionFactory - Initial database connection successful
Db Product Name: DB2/NT
Db Product Version: SQL09014
Db Name/Location: //localhost:50000/JAZZ:fullyMaterializeLobData=false;user=xxxxxxxx;password=xxxxxxxx;
11:29:08,453 INFO tory.service.internal.permission.authorizationType - Using Repository roles to authorize users
11:29:08,656 ERROR - Failed to generate data mapping for package URI Failed to get schema name for packageUri =

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions. As a result of this error, we can't connect to the repository to retrieve any work. The same error appears in the log file for other package URI's as well ( for example).

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Matt Lavin (2.7k2) | answered Feb 22 '08, 8:36 a.m.
I have not seen the problem you are reporting, but if you can provide the full stacktrace for the failure I might be able to help you diagnose the problem

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Toby Corbin (81126) | answered Feb 26 '08, 6:58 a.m.
it looked like the db2 database was corrupted so I trashed it and started again.

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