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Multiselect Field - work around

David DOughty (7193) | asked Apr 12 '10, 8:38 a.m.
I have a requriement to migrate a jira instance to RTC.

Migrating the data should be relatively straight forward. however, when it comes to multiselect fields, RTC fails to deliver. I did find some reference to dependant lists being partially available, and perhaps this and multiselect fields being delivered in 3.0 (perhaps available later this year). As relatively basic form requriements, I still dont understand how this isnt already available.

Anyway, I have a cunning plan, to autogenerate a string of comma seperated values, based on values for multiple boolean values.

However, with limited exposure to RTC/API/Framework, where do I start in terms of implementing this kind of functionality?

Has anyone done anything similar already, and are willing to share? I'm willing to offer to provide extensive testing to assist with creating this kind of stuff, alternativley, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be most grateful.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions regarding an alternative strategy I'd be happy to receive any (sensible) suggestions? I'd rather not wait for IBM to release these features, as the jira instance will have the plug pulled well before the next RTC relase.

Many thanks


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