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JUnit launch configurations and Eclipse class path in builds

Naresh Sikha (111) | asked Feb 12 '08, 5:47 p.m.
Is it possible to invoke JUnit from a Jazz build such that the JUnit launch configuration created in Eclipse is used? The benefit is that the various settings such as classpath are captured in the launch configuration by the developer and don't need to get recreated within the Ant build file. There is a start at this via the Ant4Eclipse project on SourceForge but it doesn't capture container class path entries that are created when working with JEE projects (.ear file class path, .war file class path).

Also is it possible to defer to the information in .classpath for the compilation classpath rather than recreating it inside the <javac/> task. Again the developer has correctly set the Eclipse class path and it should be possible to interpret this file for compilation.

Thanks in advance.

-Naresh Sikha

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