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Facing issues in implementing RiskExposure example

kaushambi Singh (561611) | asked Jan 27 '10, 10:58 a.m.
I am trying to implement the RiskExposure example given on the link but it is not displaying the output at my end. I am writing down the steps I followed. Can you please help me out in knowing what went wrong.
I would describe in steps I did.

1. Same as defined in example, I already have 2 enumerated fields same as "Probability" and "Impact" and a'Risk Exposure' field of Long type. Made the neccessary changes in Process Configuration Source for Value Providers as mentioned in the Risk Exposure example on the above link
example. That was successful.
There in only one difference(to specify: we have 1.Very Low Impact and so on and not ) while displaying the enumeration fields for Impact: What we have is(I have removed the opening and closing tag(< />) as when I saw the message in Preview window it displayed only the word literal):


<literal> literal id="com.acn.adt.risk.enum.Impact.literal.l2" name="2. Low Impact"
literal id="com.acn.adt.risk.enum.Impact.literal.l3" name="3. Medium Impact
literal id="com.risk.enum.Impact.literal.l4" name="4. High Impact"
literal id="com.risk.enum.Impact.literal.l5" name="5. Very High Impact"
literal default="true" id="com.risk.enum.Impact.literal.l6" name="Unassigned"
2.Created a project in Project Explorer with name com.example.common and then created a JS file 'Exposer Provider.js'with the same contents mentioned in the 'Exposer Provider' example.
3. For deploying the contents dynamically, in 'Attachment path' I mentioned workitem/scripts/common/ExposureProvider.js and in the local file I mentioned the path from workspace like C:/workspace/com.example.common/ExposureProvider.js
4.Refreshed the project. Closed and repoened the project. Ran the work item for calculation of enumerated attributes but I am only getting '0' as displayed item in the attribute Risk Exposure. No changes on calculating the values.
What shall be done to get it working?

Another question is, will the difference(from the Risk Exposure example in the link) of declaring enumerations(for Impact) as I mentioned in #1 would also require change in ExposureProvider.js? Can you specify what changes will it require?

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