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What is resource_uri for link imports

Martin Piccus (152) | asked May 30, 8:22 a.m.

I am trying to import module-to-module links using a CSV file import. I have a column Link:satisfies(>) . The content of the column as I understand needs to be:

(module id).(artifact id): (name) {LINK id=(module id).(artifact id) uri=(resource_uri)}

<o:p> </o:p>

  • What is the (resource_uri) supposed to represent?
  • How do I find the (resource_uri)
  • This syntax very repetitive, is there any way to shorten it.
I tried manually creating a single link and then exporting it to get the format for the import and the (resource_uri). I then updated (artifact id) and (name) keeping the same (module id) and (resource_uri) for each artifact in my file. However, after import to DOORS every artifact pointed to the same module in the target module.  

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