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Query to fetch Active Modules, Test plans & streams on ALM - DNG,ETM & EWM

Imayavarman N J (111) | asked May 22, 4:52 a.m.
edited May 24, 7:27 a.m.
I was trying to get the queries which has to do the below activity.

We require:
1.need count of only active modules in DNG
2.list of test plans excluding the empty test plans in RQM
3.number of streams excluding inactive streams in CCM

We got some basic queries from IBM, with included dummy or empty test plans, deleted Modules & inactive streams as result.

For the Oracle, replace PLANNING_TEST_PLAN;

DNG - Select distinct item_id,id,title from RMUSER.DNGARTIFACTS_DB_ARTIFACT where item_id in (select module_item_id FROM rmuser.dngartifacts_db_binding_contnr TBL_2A)

EWM - select count(*) as COUNT from scm.workspace where stream=1
So is there any query which fetch only active modules in DNG, list of Test plan with test case in RQM and active streams in CCM on the server level or project area level.

Kindly help with these
Thanks & Regards

Ralph Schoon commented May 24, 10:35 a.m.

This is a forum and not free consulting. I would not expect this to be answered as you want. There is also missing pretty much all information with request to versions. There is no reference to the reporting capabilities available.
I am not a reporting Guru, but in general:

  1. If this SQL, then my answer would be: you usually do not access the database directly. The database tables are generated and the storage is not trivially to understand.
  2. You would use the JRS or report APIs.
  3. If this is SPARQL, you would have to figure out the information needed to enhance your query.

The request also does not make a lot of sense, you probably want to limit your queries to a project area.

A general approach would be to get the items, then go through all items and check for properties and to collect the ones that qualify.

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