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Import from Excel/csv and create web links - "Link To" link attribute

Kelly Hoffman (5818) | asked Apr 04, 9:23 a.m.
For DNG...

Has anyone successfully created web links, each with a label, at the time of import from Excel/csv?

The format in my Excel/csv is...
id Name Owner Artifact Type Link To
201481     AI/CV/ML/DL "Temp" Module {LINK id=389860 uri=}

I can create the links manually but not if they are in a link column of xls/csv - DOORS NG keeps throwing errors:
Errors were received while importing the CSV file or spreadsheet:

Validation Errors:
Row Number: 1
Error Message: Propagated exception; original message [BadRequestException: CRJZS0129E]

And I don't know how to specify the label for the URL in xls/csv so it displays something friendly iso just the URL when browsing the artifact links.

Manually creating links is a slow & tedious process.  Any Help is appreciated.

USE CASE: We need to link DNG Modules to RTC/EWM Review tickets.  Linking DNG Modules to RTC/EWM Work Items is not natively supported in the current Release.  Therefore, we use Link To web links.

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permanent link
Kelly Hoffman (5818) | answered Apr 04, 9:42 a.m.

I'm answering my own question.  After several more experiments to find a working link format.

The "Link To" format for linking DNG Module Artifacts to RTC/EWM Work Items via CSV import is


where the URI is the RTC/EWM resource URI in your system.

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