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Data included in Group By / View As for Tree and Explorer

David Moss (171156) | asked Dec 15 '09, 1:55 p.m.
Not sure if this is a defect, designed as intended, or I am missing a configuration bit to change this behavior.

RQM version is v2.0, Build ID I20091001_1628.

Problem: If data is not already displayed in the "View As: Table" view, then when switching to Tree or Explorer view it will not be included. Seems to stem from the fact Tree and Explorer do not allow specification of "# Items per page".

Example Scenario: I have a project with 99 test plans. These are grouped into 3 values in a single category called "release", 33 plans in each category value. "View Test Plans" by default opens Group by ungrouped, View as table, 10 items per page. I change to "group by my category" and now the first ten all listed have the same category. Change to "view as tree", and:
1 - I only see one tree node, for the category value that had been in the table view.
2 - I only see 10 of the test plans when the node is expanded.

Desired Result: When switching to the tree view, I expect to see the tree nodes for all 3 category values. Furthermore, when expanding the node, I expect to see all of the items with that value.

In the above scenario: To see all of the category values in the tree view, I need to ensure at least one of each category is displayed before switching to tree view. In order to see all of the items with a particular category value, I need to show "all items per page". If you group by category and collapse them down, then switch to "view all items", the collapsed groups will show the right totals (33 items), but if you switch to tree view you will only see the category values...expanding the nodes does not display any items.

I'd consider this a usability issue in that you have to set up filters to get "all data" displayed before switching to a tree view for speedy drilldown into a particular test plan/case/etc.

It may become a performance issue if you have thousands of a particular entity type when switching to "all items per page". I am already noticing some sluggish browser behavior (Firefox) when working with 1000+ items in table view.

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Paul Slauenwhite (8.4k12) | answered May 29 '15, 11:25 a.m.
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