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IBM RPE - From DNG To ETM - Test Case Result

Massimo Maschio (132) | asked May 18, 8:23 a.m.

Hello, I have a Template in RPE 7.0.2 that starts exporting DNG Artifacts details and then go through ETM in order to extract some TC / TCER details. The idea is to provide an Excel that displays a sort of traceability matrix from requirements to test cases and their results.

I analyzed the sample DOORSNext-ETMTestCase.dta available in the RPE installation folder and I'm able through the OSLC and the ETM QM queries to retrieve some TC details. I'm not using the ETM Feed because I followed the sample in the RPE installation folder.

I would like right now to read the value of the attribute "Last Result" that I can found in the TCER linked to the TC.
So my question is, how can I read the "Last Result" attribute available in the latest TCER linked to the TC?

In the example that I can provide, I have TCs with multiple TCERs linked to them, and I would like to provide in the Excel report generated by RPE the latest "Last Result" available.

May you please provide me some suggestions / solutions?
Thanks in advance.

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Stefan Schmelz (471719) | answered Nov 14, 5:15 a.m.

Hi Massimo,

sorry for the late attempt to answer.
In ETM test case results are artifacts with an ID themselves. In one server, there will not be two same IDs and the IDs will grow. So you can expect the ID with the larger number being newer than a smaller ID. So, if you pick the maximum of the set of available last results, you will have the last last result.

Hope that helps.

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