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Leading/trailing spaces in EWM query "contains" condition

Todd Mueller (131) | asked Dec 13 '22, 11:31 p.m.
Using the EWM web client, I am writing a new query. I ran into a situation where I need to specify leading and/or trailing spaces on the 'contains' part of a field condition. Example, I need to query for all work items where the Summary field contains the text " ABC " (with a leading and trailing space in this example).

Putting the spaces on the 'contains' field does not work. I then tried various incantations of putting the text in double quotes or single quotes. That does not work; it's looking for the quotes as part of the 'contains' text. I tried using " " before and after the text, and tried a few escape character combinations to no avail. I know EWM is able to interpret multiple values on the 'contains' field by separating them with commas, thus there is some smart parsing happening. The parser seems to ignore leading and trailing whitespace on text, however it WILL keep the whitespace if specifying a phrase; then it needs to find the exact match of text specified in the 'contains'.  I was not able to find any way to trick the parser into honoring leading and trailing spaces on the text I'm looking for.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? Is there another solution I could try?

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