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Access Primary Text history in delivered change set in DNG?

Katelynn Taylor (11) | asked Oct 06 '22, 4:18 p.m.


I've been working to document changes made to DNG artifacts and am able to see previous values for all attributes other than Primary Text in a delivered change set.

Primary Text and Title are tied together and reflect the same changes, I'm able to see and verify this in the change set redlines. However when I query the change set I see “oldValue” and “value” for Title and only “value” for Primary Text. I have included "&history=true" as well as the changesetURI and configuration context.

I want to avoid using baselines as we want to be able specify the change set and display the same information displayed in the "Changed Resources" tab of the change set to report it. Is there a configuration change that should be made to DNG or any workarounds?


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