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What is the relationship between ranks in tree and flat view of the same plan?

Jochen Widmaier (2219) | asked Sep 23 '22, 3:55 a.m.

 Hi everybody,

We have one plan with two views (a flat view and a tree view with parent -> child relationship [Epic -> Feature]). We would like to pre-rank the work items by sorting the Epics in the tree view and sort the Features inside of the Epics. Then we would like to fine tune the sorting of the Features in the flat view (e.g., maybe a Feature of a lower ranked Epic needs higher rank than a Feature from a higher ranked Epic).

We currently can't figure out the results in the flat view after we have done changes in the tree view. How is the rank in the flat view determined?

If we switch rank from two Epics, the rank of the Features are not changed. My expectation would have been, that the Feature of the now higher ranked Epic would also be higher ranked than the Features from the now lower ranked Epic.

We are using EWM 7.0.2

Thanks for your help.

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