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[EWM(RTC)] How create attributes and enumerations from API and more "Means of creating"

HIROAKI JOSAKO (47427) | asked Jun 01 '22, 3:40 a.m.

The purpose is to carry out the same customization of the A server Project A on the B server Project B.
We want to duplicate attributes.

for example

1. Automatically generate from the name or attribute ID
2. Export from the process configuration source (on Eclipseclient) and import it into the process configuration source in the same way.

Is there a way?

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Ralph Schoon (63.1k33646) | answered Jun 01 '22, 4:46 a.m.

 As far as I can tell, this is definitely something you should not try to do. I have looked at the public Java APIs and as far as I can tell, they do not support this. It is also incredibly dangerous, if you try to just modify the process XML and can lead to data corruption and all kinds of problems, that you might be unable to fix.

For RTC/EWM the supported way of sharing a common process is to use Process Sharing. See:

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HIROAKI JOSAKO commented Jun 01 '22, 5:20 a.m.

Hi Ralph!
As I thought.
I want to reduce the man -hours of "deployment of process changes" a little.
However, there is no way to expand it in the operating project area.

I will check the link page

Ralph Schoon commented Jun 01 '22, 5:25 a.m. | edited Jun 01 '22, 5:27 a.m.

Process sharing allows you reduce the process maintenance and deployment effort. In addition it allows for a development process to be defined. For example it would be possible to develop a new version of a process (based on the previous version) in a new project area and, once satisfied with the result, tell the project areas that consume the process to switch to the new version at their own time. This is used by several customers.

Note, database stored enumerations are not supported in process sharing.  

I should state that you would not switch between totally different processes using process sharing. Some stability of ID's etc. is still required.

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