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Can ELM of Federated User Registry configed SSO

honglin (173) | asked Jan 17 '22, 6:25 a.m.
edited Jan 17 '22, 6:32 a.m.

 I have a scenario

1. ELM is deployed distributely on different servers, as jts/ccm/qm on server1, and dng on server2, lqe/dcc on server3
2. there applications are all used WAS liberty as web server
3. these applicaitons are configed to use proxy server (which IHS also hosted on server1)
4. there applications are configed to use federated User Registry.

but I find it does not work, when I switch from jts to dng applications, it will also pop up a login form to ask me to enter user password again.

So my questions is that can Federated User Registry ELM be configed SSO ?

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