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Doors Next (7.0.1) Visio support

Andy Dennis (114) | asked Aug 16 '21, 7:29 a.m.

 Doors Next has a viewer for uploaded visio files and a minimal set of functions to allow you to download/update/reload the diagram.  Doors Next 7.0.1 has, understandably, dropped support for IE.  We can still view the diagrams as long as they have been uploaded in VSD format.  I'm not quite sure what is being used to support this, but clearly it's not DOORS Next.  The question I have is around the VSDX and VXD formats, which don't render correctly.  I'm wondering if this is just down to content type definitions on the server so VSD is mapped but the others aren't?

Is there something that could be done to enable those visio file formats to be correctly viewed rather than having to convert them to VSD before uploading.


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Ian Barnard (1.8k613) | answered Aug 16 '21, 9:48 a.m.

 Hi Andy

This is documented as a DOORS Next limitation but AFAICT the limitation is that VDX and VSDX don't have image previews when not using IE - here is the documented limitation for 7.0.2 but you can see it refers to 7.0.1 too -


Andy Dennis commented Aug 16 '21, 10:28 a.m.

Ah, thanks Ian.


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