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After Upgrading to from 6.0.5 lqe not starting

sreenath v (5311) | asked Mar 04, 8:02 a.m.
edited Mar 04, 8:02 a.m.

After upgrading the application other than LQE all other application gets started and log files shows this error WebGroup SRVE0015E: Failure to initialize Web application lqe
[4/3/21 18:09:58:374 IST] 000001e7 DeployedAppli W   WSVR0206E: Module, lqe.war, of application, lqe_war.ear/deployments/lqe_war, failed to start
[4/3/21 18:09:58:374 IST] 000001e7 ApplicationMg W   WSVR0101W: An error occurred starting, lqe_war
[4/3/21 18:09:58:374 IST] 000001e7 ApplicationMg A   WSVR0217I: Stopping application: lqe_war
[4/3/21 18:09:58:499 IST] 000001e7 ApplicationMg A   WSVR0220I: Application stopped: lqe_war
[4/3/21 18:09:58:515 IST] 000001e7 CompositionUn E   WSVR0194E: Composition unit WebSphere:cuname=lqe_war in BLA WebSphere:blaname=lqe_war failed to start.
[4/3/21 18:09:58:546 IST] 000001e7 FfdcProvider  W logIncident FFDC1003I: FFDC Incident emitted on D:\PF1\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\logs\ffdc\server1_3b38f9d5_21.03.04_18.09.58.5316273645835421818550.txt 679
[4/3/21 18:09:58:562 IST] 000001e7 FfdcProvider  W logIncident FFDC1003I: FFDC Incident emitted on D:\PF1\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\logs\ffdc\server1_3b38f9d5_21.03.04_18.09.58.5462707979288554188123.txt 679
[4/3/21 18:09:58:562 IST] 000001e7 MBeanHelper   E   Could not invoke an operation on object: WebSphere:name=ApplicationManager,process=server1,platform=proxy,node=ELMSDEVNode01,version=,type=ApplicationManager,mbeanIdentifier=ApplicationManager,cell=ELMSDEVNode01Cell,spec=1.0 because of an mbean exception: Failed to load webapp: Failed to load webapp: null

Do anyone know solution for this?

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Ralph Schoon (58.5k23642) | answered Mar 05, 2:17 a.m.

 There will be logs in the profile. Check the logs. If you need more help, I would suggest you create a case with support. They will ask for log files and let you know how to collect them.

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