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When I display a requirements selection dialog in an iFrame I get " refused to connect"

Andrew Dove (11) | asked Jan 21 '21, 12:42 p.m.

I have requirements in IBM DOORS Next

I can get these requirements using OSLC RESTful web services in an application I am writing using BasicAuth
I get the requirements selection dialog url using OSLC (oslc:selectiondialog)
I can display this url in a new page in chrome (I appendĀ #oslc-core-postMessage-1.0)
When I set the src attribute of an iFrame to the url instead of showing the dialog I get the message " refused to connect"

Why do I see this message?
How can I found out what the underlying problem is?
I suspect this is an auth problem - how do I supply my credentials when using an iFrame to display a dialog?

Andrew Dove commented Jan 21 '21, 3:01 p.m.

I have tried a couple of ways I to supply the credentials along with the url in the iFrame

1. Post the credentials just before setting the src of the iFrame
2. Pass the credentials in the url supplied to the iFrame (in various formats)

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