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How to read RQM test artifact queries?

Andrew Ciaz (59160) | asked Dec 16 '20, 9:58 a.m.

 Hi all,

I am trying to read the queries from RQM, but not found any API for the queries. Can someone help me with hint or API?

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Krupa Gunhalkar (4512) | answered Dec 17 '20, 12:11 a.m.

 Hi Andrew,

Can you be specific on what do you mean by "I am trying to read the queries from RQM" . Question is not clear.

Krupa Gunhalkar

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Andrew Ciaz (59160) | answered Dec 17 '20, 12:26 a.m.


@Krupa Gunhalkar I am trying to fetch this query from RQM

Andrew Ciaz commented Dec 17 '20, 12:29 a.m.

@Krupa Gunhalkar on "Test case"  browse page at the upper right part there is a option to "Set default query", I am trying to access those queries

Krupa Gunhalkar commented Dec 17 '20, 12:31 a.m.

Hi Andrew, 

Probably you might have put some screenshot while saying "this query", but nothing is shown as such.

Please mention the steps what are you trying to attempt and also try again attaching the screenshot if possible.

Andrew Ciaz commented Dec 17 '20, 12:33 a.m.

@Krupa Gunhalkar Thanks for your reply I am trying to insert screenshot but the forum not allowed me to put screenshot in the comment or answer 

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paul chu (59411) | answered Dec 17 '20, 11:00 a.m.
Hi Andrew,

The default query of a list view, say the test cases, is the query to run when the list view is first opened.  Without a default query, the list view will contains all test cases without any filters.  You can save the filters as a "saved query" with a name and the saved queries are in the Filter panels on the left of the page.  They are organized by "My queries" and "Shared queries".  "My queries" are only available to the user and "Shared queries" are available to all users in the project area.

Now, these are the options under "Set default query":
  • Use Current Query - Will be enabled only if a saved query is currently used in the list view.  The name of the saved query is included in the title of the page in parenthesis.  However, this option will be disabled if there are additional filters applied in the list view that invalidated the current saved query.
  • No Default Query - Will be enabled only if a default saved query is set for the list view.  No default will reset the list view to show all artifacts without filters.
  • Select... - This will bring up the Save Query selection dialog to select a default query.  It can be a personal saved query or a shared save query.
  • Use Project Default - Use the query set in the "List View Queries" project property as the default for this list view. Administrator can set the project property and it can only be a shared saved query.
If you want to inspect the query, run the default query then click on the action icon "Copy link for this page". The link to the page is in the Copy Link dialog that you can use the browser to copy the link location.

Andrew Ciaz commented Dec 17 '20, 11:45 p.m.

@paul chu Thanks for your guidance but I am looking for REST API to fetch and read the queries 

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