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DNG: Delete same Artifact Type, Attribute, Data Type etc from Multiple component

Sunil Kumar (152) | asked Nov 16, 10:43 p.m.

as part of DNG component clean-up, we would like to delete un-used artifact type, attribute, data type etc from component, is there any easier way we can achieve this.

we have lots of component inside a project area, and the properties looks like same most of the component means artifact type, attribute, and data type.

Using import component properties feature in DNG, we can import new and update existing type systems. But deleting type system couldn't find a way other than going to each component and first un-link the attribute from the artifact type, then delete the attribute and its data type (if its enum).

So could you please anyone know is there any way [small script] we can perform delete type system from multiple component based on a template (master) component.

Thanks a lot for your support in advance.


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