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JavaScript / EWM: Custom Presentation - How to add work item to work item list attribute?

Kevin Johnson (116) | asked Nov 13 '20, 1:49 p.m.
edited Nov 13 '20, 1:53 p.m.


We are developing a custom presentation for a work item list attribute. After the user creates a new work item we need to add it to our work item list attribute. Note: This is an attribute of kind work item list. It is not a link.

How do we add a work item to the work item list attribute?

I get the current work item list just fine:

var workItemList = this.workingCopy.getValue( {
                            path: ["attributes", this.attributeId ],

workItemList is set to (for example):
​_eQualifiedClassName: "",
items: (1) [
​​0: Object { itemId: "_7OqAYCT5EeubHdT_idS2yQ", stateId: "_7PGFTyT5EeubHdT_idS2yQ", _eQualifiedClassName: "", … }
length: 1,


How do we add to this list and update the work item list attribute value? Do we need to (somehow) create a new WorkItemDTO? Add it to the Items array? And then call .setValue()? Thank you for any help and advice.


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