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WorkItem not getting Linked in the buildresult in "include-in-builds" type

Mahitha Anumukonda (11) | asked Nov 13 '20, 7:04 a.m.

 I am using the below code to create link of the workitem in buildresult  in RTC. But it is not reflecting. Please let me know where am i doing mistake?

ILink linkmanager= (ILinkManager) teamrepository.getclientlibrary(ILinkmanager.class);
Itemreference source= IReferenceFactory.Instance.Createreferencetoitem(workitemhandle);
Itemreferencce target= IReferenceFactory.Instance.Createreferencetoitem(buildresulthandle);
ILink link= linkmanager.createLink(Buildlinktypes.Included_work_items,target,source);

Mahitha Anumukonda commented Nov 13 '20, 7:08 a.m.

 I have also been creating  a short comment to workitemhandle as mentioned in below URL but still it didnt work for me: 

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