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Command to ignore white spaces in RTC

vinay kumar bondugula (7312666) | asked Oct 27 '20, 4:42 a.m.


As we have an option to ignore white space in eclipse and visual studio clients during comparing file in RTC source control, expecting an option for the same using command line interface. Please let me know in case we have an option for doing so and let me know in case of any information. SCM team using CLI to merge the changes from one stream to another, they encounter the conflicts which can be auto-resolved using Eclipse but as CLI does not have an option to ignore white spaces they are keep experiencing more conflicts. 

The current RTC version is iFix011.


Shashikant Padur commented Oct 28 '20, 12:16 a.m.
The CLI does not have an ignore white space option while displaying the diff's. Please  raise an enhancement request if you need this funcitonality.
By the way, ignoring of white space is only for displaying diff's and not used for merging the changes. Can you raise a defect and attach the files where you see this difference in behavior between the Eclipse and CLI client?

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