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Build questions and clarifications

Mikael Norback (6185) | asked Apr 03 '07, 1:51 p.m.
1) One of the build tutorials mentioned that the build engines poll the Jazz server for new requests. How often does this polling happen? Why doesn't the Jazz server (which knows of the build definition and the build engine) push the request out?

2) It's not clear to me how the code gets tagged for each build. The teamAccept ant task has a snapshotName attribute; is that the tag? I see a few build tags in my Jazz client in the Build Admin view: Initial, Ready for Deploy, Ready for Smoke Test, Rejected, Self-Host. What are those?

3) Each build shows the list of work items fixed in that build. For our milestone build, I would like to see all the work items fixed since the last milestone (and not just the last daily build). One way to do this is to create a separate build workspace for this type of build. Is there any other? Also, say I run a milestone build that fails and need to run another one. That milestone build would only have changes compared to the failed version. If I want to recalculate the changesets, do I have to manually load the previous milestone's baseline in the build workspace?

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Ryan Manwiller (1.3k1) | answered Apr 04 '07, 12:30 p.m.
1) The default polling interval is 30 seconds. It can be configured with the -sleepTime argument when starting the build engine.

The build system is designed so that build engines are simply clients. No server software or open ports are required on the build machines. While the repository does know that build definitions and build engines exist, it does not require that it knows their details or that it can contact them. This generality allows more existing build tools/engines to integrate with jazz build.

2) Snapshots are a jazz SCM notion that let you capture a set of file versions across components (this is what you normally think of as tagging). You can create and use snapshots in the eclipse UI. In addition, the teamAccept task enables build scripts to create a snapshot on the file versions used in the build. The build result shows this snapshot if available.

Confusingly, jazz build has a "build tags" feature that has nothing to do with snapshots or file versions. Think of these as categories, labels, or markers that let you identify special builds. Its just a string associated with the build. The default tags you see (Initial, Self-Host, etc..) are just examples. You are free to delete them and create tags suited to your situation, or not use tags at all.

3) You should have different build workspaces for the different types of builds you run. The work items are determined based on the change sets accepted by the teamAccept task. If a change set has one or more associated work items, these are considered "included in build".

Regarding a failed milestone build. Yes, the next successful build would only show the changes since the failed build. If you want to see the changes since the last successful build, you can use the Compare Build action in the Builds view. Just select the two builds, right-click, Compare Builds. The change sets and their associated work items will be shown in the Change Explorer view.

There is an enhancement request to show both the "changes since last" and "changes since last successful" in the build result.

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