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RQMExecutionTool - tests are not queued when using testCellName parameter

evgeniia melamud (133) | asked Jul 30 '20, 7:31 a.m.


We're using RQMExecutionTool for scheduling automatic tests on our local registered adapters which are combined to test cells, so we can control which test cell to use for each test group.

We're using RQMExecutionTool with the following arguments:
java.exe -jar <path>\RQMExecutionTool.jar -tcerId=<terId> -projectName=<projectName> -publicURI= -user=<user> -password=<password> -exitOnComplete=false -testCellName=<testCellName>

We experience the following behavior:
1. The first automatic test is scheduled 
2. The first automatic tests is started on the adapter from the selected test cell
3. When trying to schedule the next test we get the following error:
++++ RQMConnectionHelper: Error received: 400, retry #: 1
Exception occurred while doing a post to the server with the URL: Please verify that the adapter being used is running and the values for parameters tcerId, scriptId, adapterId are valid and exist.
An internal error occurred. For details, see the log.
4. If we use RQMExecutionTool with -adapterId specifying the exact machine to run test on, everything works fine, tests are scheduled as they should be

RQMExecutionTool version:
Adapter version: 6.0.6

Can you please help to understand why tests are not scheduled when running with -testCellName argument?


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Subhajit Bhuiya (6222) | answered Aug 04 '20, 1:26 a.m.

 Are you able to run the TCER from the web ui using the given test cell? Is there any error in the qm.log? You can also try with testCellItemId argument.

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